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CFA Registered Birman Cattery

Bartlett, IL

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Our Queens

CH Luv'nmittens Spark of Zefir

Spark is a CFA registered seal point Birman female. As a youngster, she was the second best Birman kitten in CFA Region 6 (The Midwest) for the 2021-2022 show season. As an adult, she was the second best seal point Birman in CFA Region 6 (The Midwest) for the 2021-2022 show season.

Spark had her first litter on Dec 21st, 2023.

Spark was born March 1st, 2021.

Her DNA test results can be seen here:
Spark's DNA Test Results

CH Mystery Mask Yustinia of Zefir

Yustinia is a CFA registered blue point Birman female. We got her at 10 months old. She has always loved showing, but she lives with my Mom so she didn't get out as much as the others. She just had her first litter in October 2023. There are four kittens.

Yustinia was born on January 20th, 2022.

Her DNA test results can be seen here:
Yustinia's DNA Test Results

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Our Studs

GC, RW, AW Zefir's Tupla

GC, RW, AW Zefir's Tupla is a CFA registered seal Birman male.

Tupla is the son of CH Luv'nmittens Quark Puff of Zefir and SinhSoul Remington of Luv'nmittens. He is a regional winner - he was the 17th best kitten in the midwest in 2022. As an adult, he is a Grand Champion and an Agility Winner (with a 22 second run of the course). We hope he will make a great stud boy one day, but we plan to take him to the show hall a couple more times before then. He is named after a Finnish chocolate bar. 

Tupla was born July 2nd, 2022.

His DNA test results can be seen here:

Tupla's DNA Test Results


Qbic is a CFA registered lilac point Birman male. He is our newest cat and he is just beginning his show career.

Here are his DNA screening results:

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For the first time, we had two litters at once. Yustinia had kittens Oct 15th, 2023 and Spark had kittens Dec 21st, 2023. All kittens are currently reserved.

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Retired Breeding Cats

Luv'nmittens Quark of Zefir

Quark is a CFA registered seal point Birman female. We did not get to show her much due to COVID, but we brought her out to a few shows as a kitten before everything closed down. As an adult, she got her Championship and then continued on to have two beautiful litters.

Quark has been spayed, but her son "Tupla" is enjoying his own show career.

Quark was born on August 18th, 2019.

Her DNA test results can be seen here:
Quark's DNA Test Results

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About Us

Our names are Brady and Ilya; we are married and we live in Bartlett, IL. We both work in tech full time and have a very small cattery as our hobby. We work from home and our cats typically sleep nearby during the work day. We mostly work Monday through Friday, so we are able to travel to cat shows on the weekends.

We have been showing cats since the beginning of 2020 and our first litter was born in the summer of 2022. We have had a lot of help from various people who have been breeding and showing cats for much longer than we have, but our main mentors are Jon and JoAnn of Luv'nmittens cattery in Wisconsin and we can't thank them enough for all of their help and advice!

We health test all of our Queens and Studs and we offer a health guarantee on our kittens. Kittens from our cattery are guaranteed to be free of Feline Leukemia (Fel V) and Feline Immunodefiency Virus (FIV). We also DNA health test the Queens and Studs in our cattery. 

Our cattery breeds for good temperament just as much as we do for beautiful form. To us, this means a laid back cat that enjoys to spend time playing and cuddling with us rather than off hiding somewhere. Our kittens have the run of our house as soon as they are litterbox trained, which is usually shortly after they can walk steadily. We make sure they are used to being held/handled, riding in the car, being combed, and having their nails clipped. While I am realistic and therefore can't guarantee that every kitten will ENJOY every one of those things, I can promise that they will be used to them. Our kittens are very well socialized and so far have been exceedingly outgoing and "go with the flow".


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